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The Lavender lemon is a great way to start your morning. Citrusy and relaxing, and makes my skin soft too! Forest pine is just as it sounds. Fresh and crisp, bought it for my boyfriend and love the way it smells. So bomb!


I love Small Kind soaps! Not only are the bars visually beautiful, they are incredibly moisturizing and smell wonderful. I'm so grateful to have found a soap I know is made with all natural ingredients that also keeps my skin clean and hydrated. 10/10 would recommend.


These wonderful handmade soaps come in many different and seasonal scents and colors and they all smell fantastic. They lather wonderfully and wash cleanly off of the skin, some are vegan and come in lovely thoughtful packaging. My first order was during quarantine and the sweet message printed on the soap wrapper brought a smile to my face in the darkest of times.



The smells they have are amazing! The soap is soft on the skin too!


The delivery was really fast and when the soap came I couldn't wait to use them! Such good scent!

Daisy Stallmann

Soap has never been something I spend a lot of money on, or time thinking about. So it surprised me that when I noticed that I was almost out, I found myself going out of my way to get more of THIS soap. Never thought that would happen. It's that good. Shut up and buy it.


I never usually use bar soap because almost every kind I have tried dries my skin out. But the lavender bar soap I got from Abby and Jon leaves my skin feeling SO soft and smooth!! I love to use it at night because the lavender leaves me feeling so relaxed and ready for bed. It is by far my favorite body wash!


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